Poor Man's Gym

A South Jersey Pinelands native who has been transplanted to Philadelphia, I am at home both in the quiet chaos of Center City and in the tranquil solitudes of the Appalachian Mountains.

Never one to shy away from heights and my youth spent climbing every tree I could find, I started rock climbing in 2001.  Since then I have coached youth teams, taught rock climbing lessons for beginners, bouldering and sport climbing, and I have 14 first ascents for boulder problems in the Philadelphia area.High E Prep

My goal with this blog it two fold: one, I hope to shine a light on the climbing opportunities in Philadelphia and the area (hoping that it will lead to others starting to explore and finding more).

The second reason is that I am tired of reading articles and blogs and seeing videos of only the hard stuff.  Sure, I would love to be able to climb that way one day, but I, like the majority of climbers, don’t have the time, resources and talent to train that way.  So my second reason is that I want to give a voice to the weekend rock warriors out there.  (A delusion of grandeur?  Perhaps.)


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