Fall Down, Go Boom

How is it that I can climb rocks that are 30 stories high and never get injured (knock on wood), but I hurt myself doing the most benign things?  4 years ago I pinched a nerve in my back while picking up my cell phone, and this summer, I bruised and bloodied myself when I fell as I was vacuuming the pool.  I am a walking calamity.  I bruised and scraped up the back of my leg, scraped up my right hand, and bent the pole that attaches to the vacuum.  Awesome. 

Fortunately, I made a fool of myself after I went running and climbing that day, and bagged another first ascent. 

I tend to take the summers off from climbing, especially August, because 1) the humidity makes it a rather uncomfortable experience, and 2) I need some time to recharge my batteries.  I was trying to avoid the time off this year, as I would really like to make a breakthrough in my ability to climb harder stuff, but between the weather and my own lack of motivation, I had once again have been without vertical movement for about a month.  While having so much free time was nice and, for the most part, relaxing, I am happy to be back at work, so that I can continue to finance my training.  (Oh yeah, and pay some bills and generally feel like a productive member of society.) 

We had been plagued by some decent storms for a few weeks, including the outer storm swell from Hurrican Bill, and as such, the park still had some significant muddy patches…you know, the kind of mud that can steal a shoe.  That day, it was just dry enough to get on the rocks, though, and I made another attempt at a project in the Cove.

I finally nailed the sequence (and, sadly, it’s much easier than I originally hoped and thought).  Free Wave (V1).

I am of mixed opinions about my climbs there.  On the one hand, there is plenty for the average climber to do there, which is appealing, as most places that I have been to don’t have a lot in the easy range.  On the other hand, I feel as though the climbs, and area as a whole, lack a certain legitimacy because of the lack of a signature, hard problem.

I am sure that this can and will be remedied by someone…but I would be lying if I said that there wasn’t a small part of me that hopes that I am able to fulfill that need.  Call it ego or whatever.  In the end, however, as long as my friends are able to enjoy the climbing there, I will be happy.

Until then, I am going to reflect on my own luck and clumsiness.


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