Mute Monday: Authors

Writer’s Block


Check out Troll’s blog, The Troll Report, for the original Mute Monday.


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  1. Joanne on

    Very nice use of lighting. Happy MM.

  2. troll on

    Clever. Some think Merriwether Lewis offed himself because of a severe case of writer’s block.

    Happy Mute Monday!

    • clmbr121 on

      Turns out he was just really bored.

  3. Boxer on

    I know what blogger block is, is that the same?

    Happy Mute Monday!

  4. Doom on

    Gee, that really cramps my style. Now I don’t know what to write! Thanks for all the help.

    Happy Mute Monday!

  5. Buzz Kill on

    Are all those ripples in the paper from crying face down on the writing pad? I guess it’s a picture of a would be author. Grrrhahahaha
    Happy MM!

  6. K9 on

    i like that you styled your own photo. nicely done.

  7. Fishy on

    Uh-Oh …. what is the cure?

  8. Vixen on

    VERY clever. Love the pic!

  9. anutybelle on


    The condition ids epidemic!

    This is very cleveah, UrbanE–an Boxer added to yore cleveah take.

    Love this entry.

  10. clmbr121 on

    Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone. This one threw me for a loop until Sunday morning. I threw a Lomo effect on there, and I was really happy with the results.

    – Brian

  11. moi on

    Yeah, I get this, too. Usually, it leads to an overly clean house. Happy MM and thanks for dropping by Moi’s blob!

  12. kmwthay on

    I LOVE this one. Most days, this is what my head feels like. Happy (empty) Mute Monday!

  13. clmbr121 on

    Thanks, everyone.

    Yeah, I tend to get stuck in writer’s block often, usually a result of me being hypercritical of things that I haven’t even written yet. A friend of mine who is an English professor at La Salle University told me about a technique called “Draft Zero”, where you write something and then go back and pretty much rewrite everything. It tends to work.

    …or I get a real clean house as well, lol.

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