Please note: I do not work for Mad Rock, nor do I receive any kick-backs or any kind of pay from them.

Mad Rock posted this on their Facebook page today…they always seem to have some good deals going on over there.

fukubukuroFree mystery stuff is always cool.  Unless it’s poop.  Then it is decidedly not cool.

This also leads to an interesting point:  Mad Rock’s gear is on par in terms of quality with all of the other companies out there (FiveTen, La Sportiva, Metolius, etc), yet they are able to charge a significantly lower price.  Could it be that our beloved climbing companies are, dare I say, charging more just for the name?

It is simple economics: the price will reflect whatever the market will bare.  If FiveTen can charge $135 for their Anasazi Velcros, and people will buy them, well, then that’s the price.  They don’t really do anything differently than, say, the La Sportiva Katanas, or the Mad Rock Demons.  True, there are different fits, but is the fit really worth paying $30 more?  (Note: my first pair of velcros was the FiveTen Anasazi, a pair that I wore to death and love.)

I find that the amount of money I am willing to budget or spend on climbing is in a direct-inverse relationship to how much money I make and how long I have been climbing.  When I first started, I had no problems dropping $70 on Petzl’s Corax harness, or $135 on the aforementioned Anasazis (which I purchased on pro-deal, to be fair).  As I have climbed more and moved forward in my career, I have found that I am less inclined to drop a large amount of money on gear.

It’s not because I don’t like the gear, or like climbing less.  I think that 1) I am trying to take a minimalist approach with the amount of stuff I bring with me, and 2) don’t believe that I have to spend a lot of money to get quality gear.  Mad Rock is the perfect example of this.  If a carabiner is rated to 23 kN, what does it matter if it costs $10 or $15?


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