Mute Monday: Science!

Today, we investigate elements of physics…




All photos (c) 2009 Brian Wiggins.

9 comments so far

  1. troll on

    Very cool and creative. Momentum rocks.

    Happy Mute Monday.

  2. Buzz Kill on

    Dude, you’re rock climbing in flip flops? That’s bad ass – or crazy. Both friction and gravity, as we all know, hurts.
    Happy MM!

    • clmbr121 on

      LOL only for those pics. I have been known to do a route or two in my flip flops, but only super easy stuff.

  3. Fishy on

    Physics rock!
    Did Physics at the Pond, but with a loop.

  4. Doom on

    Ha, that reminds me of professors. They often show something as if you just pop on flip flops and, well, do it. And, then, look at you funny when you hit the wall and fall the rest of the way… That look in their eyes… “Like, what? Here, let me show you again.” Ha!

    Happy MM!

  5. Boxer on

    where’s the science of not wanting to die? bwahahahah. That’s what I’d be clutching to. Great pictures and happy MM!

  6. kmwthay on

    I think that one of friction could double as gravity!

    Happy MM!

  7. Vixen on

    Haha… great pics! Perfect example! Love that first pic 🙂


  8. havingmycake on

    Fabulous take! I get vertigo so you scare me 🙂 Happy belated MM x

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