Mute Monday: The Fall

This week’s topic: The Fall

The Fall of Civilization

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper
-T.S. Elliot


I’ll be making my best attempts to participate in Mute Monday as best I can…check out The Troll Report, as best I can tell, the Originator of Mute Monday.


14 comments so far

  1. Boxer on

    New Mute Monday participant! I lived in Philadelphia for two year in my early 20’s… loved every second of it.

    I always like additions to the mute, such as this quote with the picture. Happy Mute Monday.

  2. troll on

    Interesting evocative selection. I like it.
    Welcome to Mute Mondays!

  3. moi on

    Welcome to Mute Monday! Most excellent poem and image. Happy Mute Monday and I’ll be back. I used to climb quite a bit. Miss it.

  4. kmwthay on

    Welcome aboard the Mute Monday train.
    I’m sure you will like playing along!

    I’ve been a T.S. Elliot fan since I was wee.

  5. Buzz Kill on

    I didn’t know there was rock climbing in Philly. I live accross the river in South Jersey where the land, much like the beer, is flat. Cell phones, by the way, will be the fall of civilization. Just a theory I happen to prescribe to.

    Happy MM!

    • clmbr121 on

      Surprisingly, there is climbing in and around Philly. I just discovered the stuff in NE Philly a few months ago. Where abouts in South Jersey are you living? I grew up over there…

      • Buzz Kill on

        I’m in Cherry Hill, east side. I guess if you travel up the Northeast Extension toward the Poconos you’d find plenty of things to climb.

      • clmbr121 on

        Not as much as you would think. The Poconos are kind of “rounded” and, for what ever reason, haven’t seen the same seismic action that other areas have seen. You really need to go either to NY and north, or Maryland and south to get to some really decent climbing.

  6. K9 on

    fall means hiking to me too! i am planning a hike to jacks river falls (north georgia) next weekend. the leaves should be turning nicely by then. its just started. i love it.

    happy MM!

    • clmbr121 on

      I’ve seen some pictures of Georgia in the autumn… it looks awesome. I always look forward to a trip my friends and I take every fall up to New Paltz, NY, for camping and climbing. I think this may be the first time in 4 or 5 years that we aren’t going to be able to make the trip.

  7. clmbr121 on

    Thanks, everyone for the feedback!

  8. Joanne on

    Very nice choice. πŸ™‚

  9. Vixen on

    I really like what you have done here. πŸ™‚

  10. havingmycake on

    Is it just me or does that climber look as if he’s hanging from the tree…? I’ll get me coat. Happy belated MM πŸ™‚

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